Thursday, May 26, 2011

Running with my Angel

Our fam. We made shirts that said Team Sienna and on mine it said Mommy Loves You! Quin's said Daddy Loves You! and Gavin's said Big Brother Loves You! We also had a picture of her cute feet on there.

My mother in law and Quin's aunt who ran with us. They were such great support!

Last Saturday there was a 5k called Running with Angels and the proceeds went to Angel Watch and they are a group that helped me and Quin prepare for Sienna to come. They helped with the funeral and even gave us some counseling in time of need. They are an amazing group! The race took place at the Thanksgiving Gardens. It was so beautiful. I have never been there and I loved it. I wasn't planning on getting a good time for the race so I just did a nice jog the whole time and Quin was awesome to keep up with me. Right before the finish line we picked up Gavin and my mom gave us some balloons that we ran across the finish line with and then let the balloons go. It was such a beautiful race and we finished in 32 minutes. I had about 20 people supporting us and joined us for the race. I did a team called Team Sienna and we had a lot of people there. It was definitely a spiritual race and pretty emotional. I could feel Sienna with me there and I loved it. I only got 2 pictures of the race cause my dad took all the pictures so I will have to get more from him.


Becca said...

Wow, they sound like a wonderful organization. So glad you were able to do the event! I hope all has been going well for you these last few months, and am glad to see you still blogging. :-)

Owen and Krae said...

I love the family picture! :) It was such an amazing experience! Thank you for letting us be part of it. :)

Trish the Dish said...

Wow-what a wonderful cause and day you had! I am SO happy that you have such a great support system Tree-I would have totally done it too-and I don't even run! haha. Anyways, I love you and you continue to be in my prayers and thoughts

Missy said...

Sounds amazing! I missed the 5K here because I didn't know about it, but do for next year. Much love~