Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Sienna's Birthday Party

Sorry it has taken me forever to post about her birthday. We have been busy since and plus this will be my last post on this blog cause I am going to print this into a book and then write about her on my private family blog here on out.
Sienna's birthday was such a beautiful day. I was so emotional leading up to the day but on her birthday I felt very much at peace. I could feel her with me all day and could tell she was excited it was her day.
That night we had close friends and family at her grave and it was a whole lot different then what we had to do the previous year. It was more of a celebration then a heartache. Sienna has blessed so many lives this past year so we know she is where she is suppose to be. Me and Quin said a few words about Sienna then we let off balloons and sang happy birthday to her.
Thank you to all of those who have been there for our family. We still have hard times so we appreciate those that still check up on us and still ask about Sienna. It makes me happy that people to know that she exists and that it wasn't all a dream. If you aren't invited to my private blog and would like to continue to read about our family then e-mail me at and send me your e-mail address.
I am grateful for this trial that I have had to face. I love Sienna so much and am grateful for the blessing she is in my life. Time really does heal and I do feel a lot better then I did a year ago. I am looking forward to what the future has for us and am looking forward to the day that I will be reunited with Sienna.

Letting off balloons

Her decorations

She needed a balloon too

Gavin blowing out the candle on her cake

Love this picture of Gav looking at her grave

My boys watching the balloons go up in the air

Great photo

My two nieces that are the same age as Sienna would be

My neighbor made this amazing cake and my two friends who also lost babies set this up for me on the night we got back from the grave. They said it was Sienna's present. It was so beautiful.

It was so beautiful!


Becca said...

Oh, what a beautiful way to celebrate your little girl. This brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for letting us follow along during this difficult journey. You've come through this with so much grace and insight - I'm so glad Sienna has remained with you so beautifully.

Nichol Family said...

You are amazing! I have loved following your blog. Sienna is a lucky girl to have great parents like you.

Rochelle said...

What a wonderful celebration. Thank you for sharing Sienna and your journey with us.

Melinda said...

Love you!

The Nel"SONS" said...

Love you Teresa! Time truly is a great healer, so glad we are friends even though it took 2 tiny angels to make that happen.

Aubrey said...

That is so sweet! I love the picture of her cousins by her headstone. Sweet. I cried when I saw Gavin blowing out her candle because I think that even if she was here he would probably have tried to blow out her candles. I'm so glad that you are healing and that things are slowly getting better. I'm also glad that you are making this into a book. I'm sure you will cherish it forever.

Brad Stone said...

There's "Angels in the Outfield." Enough said...

Love, Dad

Trish the Dish said...

WOW! What an amazing day it sounds like! Her grave is BEAUTIFUL and what nice people you know and I'm sure that through this trial you have met some unbelievably amazing people it sounds like. I love you Tree and you're such a rock and example to me!

Owen and Krae said...

Her birthday was beautiful. Thank you for inviting us to share her special day with you. She is still thought of often in our little house. We love our cousin Sienna. :)

Bree said...

Hi Teresa, Thank you for visiting my blog. I am so sorry for your loss. Her space is just beautiful. xo