Sunday, June 5, 2011

Memorial Day

I was telling Quin on Memorial Day that although it is hard and sad, I love that I have a place to go on Memorial Day and I love that it is 2 minutes from our house. We went and bought her some cute pink flowers and we each put one on her grave. It was so beautiful for there and the flags made it feel so special. I definitely feel the spirit when I am there and it makes me enjoy being there more. I also love how excited Gavin gets to go. I honestly believe he has a great relationship with his little sister already and I love seeing the big brother come out of him. It was a beautiful day to be there and I look forward to going every year.

Gavin with his little sister. Can't you just see the love he has for her through those eyes?!

Family photo

All her decorations. There was a pot of orchids on her headstone that I have no clue who put them there but I went there this afternoon and they were gone so it makes me wonder if someone put them on the wrong headstone.

The cemetery looked beautiful with all the flags and flowers.


A womb for rent said...

I love the picture with the flags!!! I wish I could have seen that with my camera. One of these times we should go visit her together? I love you!

Holly said...

The cemetery does look so nice w/ all the flags. And maybe someone did leave the orchids for your little girl. How nice!