Monday, August 1, 2011




Meet "Brownie"! She is my comfort blanket. The pink squares are the fabric we had left over from what Sienna was wrapped in and what we had left of the bear they made. I am glad they gave me back the scraps so I could make this blanket( with a ton and I mean a ton of help from my amazing mother!) If you are wondering why I call it Brownie. Well if most of you don't know Sienna means a reddish brownish color. I know that is sad that my daughter is named after a color but I am obsessed with chocolate and especially brownies and it is my comfort so I decided to name my blanket brownie.
I have it draped over a rocking chair in our spare room (hopefully it will be a babies room someday) And every night I read a book to Gavin in that rocking chair and he asks to be wrapped in the "Sienna blanket".
Sienna's 1 year in heaven is coming up in over a month and I have had a lot of break downs as I prepare myself for that day and that blanket has brought me comfort cause as I wrap myself in it it is almost as if she is wrapping her arms around me.
If any of you have any suggestions on what things I can do for her 1 year in heaven I would love to hear. I am planning on doing a balloon release and making her a little cake to put on her grave. But I want to do more but can't think of much right now.


Aubrey said...

Always bringing tears to my eyes... Something that has helped me every year from the day that Ty was diagnosed (coming this Sunday) was instead of thinking about that awful day or all the bad things he suffered because of it, I focused on the good that has come from it. Maybe instead of counting it as 1 year since you lost her, it could be 1 year closer to seeing her again. You're that much closer & you are that much better of a person & a mother as you grow closer to being with her again. Love you.

Jeana said...

Her blanket turned out so cute! Thank heaven's for moms. Do you know about the Angel Watch Candle lighting memorial on Sept. 10th?

John and Heidi said...

I love it and love the name Brownie!!! So sweet.

We did the same things as what you have planned for her one year. Another thing we did was donate to NILMDTS. I posted it on our blog so other could as well and put under her name. NILMDTS will send a card to you with her name and who donated in her honor. I loved it because I took those cards and did a 1st birthday scrapbook page for Jocelyn's memory/baby book. I plan to do some kind of service every year in her honor and open to others if they wish to be part of it.

I love your cute blog I will list it under my blog listings as well on blog.

Owen and Krae said...

I love the blanky! It's so cute! As for her One year Birthday, I think we should make pink cupcakes, let off balloons, then watch her slideshow! We need to celebrate her short, but very sweet life. :)