Thursday, December 23, 2010

It's Not Fair!

I just got a text from my mother in law this morning saying that my sister in law is in the hospital in labor right now. As much as I want to be happy for her I just want to scream at the top of my lungs "ITS NOT FAIR!" Why do I have to be tortured like this. Why did Sienna have to pass away when I should have her in my arms right now while preparing for Christmas. She is suppose to grow up with my two nieces happy and healthy. I am happy for my sister in laws and their beautiful babies but why did I have to go through this the same time they were having theirs. It seriously is killing me. I want to go get something to put on her grave tomorrow but I don't know what and I am nervous to go out in this crazy busy day. Anyways thanks for letting me vent.Ha Ha. I can do this. I am strong. I have to keep telling myself that:) Anyways Merry Christmas everyone! I promise I will try to be more positive but for today I am sad and missing Sienna like crazy!


Angi B said...

I'm so sorry! I have NO idea how hard it is...I felt similar feelings of "It's not fair" when after Jack was born (with DS) my sister in law had a healthy baby boy less than a year later. It's so hard to deal with those feelings, but I feel like it's made me a better person. I hope you can find meaning in all this. Sending love and prayers.

Rochelle said...

I am praying that you can have peace this Christmas.

Jenny said...

My heart just breaks for you...I cant even begin to imagine what that must feel like and how difficult that must be. Wish I had something to say that would bring some comfort...Sending you a hug.
Merry Christmas Teresa, to you and your family.
Oh, and I think your blog looks great, its really cute :)

nennermommy said...

ITS NOT FAIR HON!!!! I so wish I could bring Sienna to you! I am though very grateful that she came into my life because I sure do love her and you! Plus then I get to run into you and give you big hugs!!!! Love you hon! I am so sorry you ache!!!!! Love you!!!

The Anglin Family said...

I'm saying a prayer for you now...I'm so so sorry. It hurts so bad..
Praying for your peace and comfort during the holidays..