Monday, August 23, 2010

No Change

We went in today thinking that we may be delivering but there was no change in her since last week. She still has fluid in her heart but it hasn't grown or spread. Her blood flow is still pulsed so it is the same but hasn't gotten worse. They weren't able to measure her because it was too soon since the last time they measured. They said they have to measure every two weeks so we don't know if she has grown or not. We go back next monday to measure her to see if there is any change then.
We had a horrible doctor that mumbled the whole time. He looks like he is almost 90 and it took him forever to get words out. He would compare my situation to a comic strip where he said it was like the devil poking someone with a pitch fork to one door that said damned if you do and the other one that said damned if you don't. So he was pretty much saying if we deliver now she wouldn't live but if we keep her inside she may pass away so I guess we just have to take it a week at a time. He thinks I will for sure have this baby withen the next month no matter the situation so we will see.
I am excited to go to a better doctor this next monday and he will be my permanent one from now on. He was the one that helped us out last week and he was amazing and wanted the best for us and the baby.
I am not sure if I should be on bed rest or not cause the doctor kind of joked that it would be hard for me to rest when I have a two year old but he said it is best for the blood flow to get to the baby if I am rested so he never gave me a definate answer so I will just be taking it easy this week.
Sienna is a fighter and I know she is telling us that she is going to do all she can for now.


Rochelle said...
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Rochelle said...

Sorry about that doctor, thankful you have the one you trust and is positive back next week.
Praying she has grown and will continue to amaze everyone.

When you get the chance to rest, lay on your left side as much as possible, it increases blood flow to the placenta.

(Sorry had deleted the first comment as I inadvertently said right side instead of left!)

Envyshope said...

Continued prayers for your family - especially sweet Sienna.

Owen and Krae said...

Well that isn't definitely "bad" news by any means. I'm glad she's such a fighter! :) And try to relax as much as possible! I know you want to be with Gavin, but if you do need a break, let me know! We're here for you, and are praying like crazy for you as always! :) Love you!

Jenny said...

I cant imagine how difficult this must be for you, all the waiting and not knowing what is going to have amazing strength and so does little Sienna.
There was a little girl in the NICU next to Russell who was born at 25 weeks...she was in for a few months but went home the same week Russell did!
Praying for you and your family.

Tracy said...

I continue to pray for you and your whole family, especially little Sienna. I'm so often thinking of you. "When I get home, I'll check..." "when the kids are off to school, I'll check..." "When I get this load of clothes folded, I will check..." Little Sienna has touched this mother's heart all the way out here where I live.

My heart to yours,

Anonymous said...

Our hearts are with you and your sweet Sienna. These lil babies of ours- they are stronger than we give them credit for. I'm sorry that dr was so horrid and glad to hear that you'll have a more supportive one from now on. I would think as much bedrest as you can muster could only help your sweet lil one. Hugs and love to you and sweet family in this challenging time.